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We Are So Sorry: A Hacker Pranked Us


Earlier this morning, and last night on Twitter, you might have noticed some unusual stuff coming from us. We are so sorry for this. We’re still just now piecing everything together, but what appears to have happened is that an enemy of ours, bitter because we rejected some of his pieces, took control of our website and our Twitter feed in an attempt at revenge. We have just now hired online security experts, at great expense, to try and prevent further incidents.

And I just want to say right here that we try to reply to all of our submissions as quickly and politely as possible, but sometimes things fall through the cracks because we are so busy. We paid the price for our carelessness– someone, who only identifies as “R” in his posts, has been for the past several months sending us articles that were somehow at once very banal and very unhinged-sounding, and last night he forced his way onto our WordPress and posted them without our permission.

Someone should have noticed when the Twitter feed started going haywire. I was at my dear friend Shia LaBeouf’s new art opening, Lizzy had her duties at the Macklemore International Fan Club, and our intern is still on spring break in Daytona Beach. As you can see, the feed got very uncharacteristic around midnight eastern last night:


Visitors to our site surely noticed that some of the articles had been defaced:

april1tusk1 april1tusk2

This is completely inappropriate and horrible, and we’re so sorry any of you saw it thinking it was the intentional product of our brand. No one messes with Klausner on my watch.

The hacker also posted every article he had submitted to us. We have deleted these articles, but in the interest of posterity, of making sure you know what comes from us and what was the result of an immature prank, we are posting screenshots of them here.

First, “R” decided we needed a new introduction:

tuskwelcomeapril1 tuskwelcomeapril1-2


The first article he posted last night was about a Metal Gear character, and it was very troubling:






His other articles are available here, so check them out only if you want a look into a troubled mind.

Again, we can’t express how bad we feel about all this, and we want to urgently remind our readers that cyber-security is no joke.

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