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Check Out this Pre-Murder O.J. Simpson Thing I Found

Last year sometime, I helped my aunt clear out an old closet at Berkeley, CA’s Malcolm X Elementary, where she’s the assistant principal, and we found an old publication about O.J. Simpson, from back when he was known only for being a great football player. I don’t even know what you’d call it– it’s basically a zine, consisting only of a title page, a back cover, and a brief, Talk of the Town-style piece about traveling with The Juice. It’s called, “Hey, Hey, All the Way…” I feel like positive and negative things were both expressed in chants and cheers like that much more often back then.

Maybe everything seems more like foreshadowing after someone murders his wife, gets chased around, gets acquitted in a controversial trial that speaks to the racial and cultural zeitgeist of the time, has a book ghost-written in which he all but confesses to the crime, then goes to jail for stealing some stuff. But I think the opening image of the pretty blonde stewardess and the closing line are both pretty poignant now.

photo 3

photo 2-1

photo 1-1


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