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The Tusk’s Co-Founders Both Have Big Readings Coming Up


If you are in Portland or New York and you enjoy this website, you can now seeĀ one of its co-founders / contributing editors on stage for one night, delivering the kind of amusing commentary and poignant observations that have kept you reading since early this year. Technically, if you take a plane, you can see both of them. Technically, no matter where you’re from, you can take one to two planes and see one or both of them.

Lizzy Acker will be reading at the famous Mortified Live on the 5th and 6th at the Alberta Rose Theater in Portland. You can buy tickets here.

Nate Waggoner will be kicking off what he hopes will be the first in a series called “In Search Of…” in which he and Cassie J. Sneider will dress in Druid robes, surround themselves with dry ice, and pretend their reading / storytelling show is solving all the mysteries of the universe. The guests will be this website’s very own Alicia Camden, Frederick Carlos a.k.a Fred from Honolulu (The Best Show on WFMU, The Chris Gethard Show), Lola Pellegrino (Rookie, The Hairpin), and Carly Fisher (McSweeney’s, Time Out). It’s at Union Hall in Park Slope, Brooklyn, and you can buy tickets here.


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