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A Letter to Qdoba

Image c/o Qdoba.

Image c/o Qdoba.

This letter was originally written by our friend and yours, Nick Jackson, in Richmond, Virginia, and submitted to Qdoba on May 16, 2010. I still don’t understand why a company wouldn’t jump on this opportunity. When Nick sent me this letter, I thought I remembered someone actually accomplishing something like this, changing their name to Pepsi KFC Tide or something, but maybe I was just conflating what Nick attempted with the legend of Zopittybop. Anyways, enjoy. –Nate

Dear Qdoba Mexican Grill Inc.,

My name is Nicholas Jackson. I write you today first and foremost to congratulate your company for developing and popularizing its innovative “Fresh Mex” cuisine. I eat it frequently and with enthusiasm.

However, I also write in hopes of proposing Qdoba Mexican Grill Inc. spearhead a new marketing campaign. Principally, I propose that said campaign comprise of the changing of my legal first name (from Nicholas) to Qdoba, an act to which I am willing to be contractually obliged for no less than $10,000. Understanding that this may sound ludicrous, I would like to emphasize the good faith of my intent, and expound upon the potential rewards of such an undertaking.

As a 23-year old, I symbolize an important demographic for Qdoba Mexican Grill Inc. and could be utilized to provide a marketable “face” for the company. While I do not have access to the relevant statistics, I would assert that this Young Adult demographic is represented as Qdoba customers above and beyond our proportions in the population at large.

Bearing proudly the full name, Qdoba Jackson, I will be transformed into a 24/7 walking/talking nacho-loving grassroots activist of Qdoba Mexican Grill, my favorite fast-casual restaurant. Moreover, this act of name-changing will be seen far and wide by the target demographic as “funny” and “cool,” and will stimulate newfound affection for the, hopefully voracious, consumption of Qdoba cusine.

Thank you for reading my comments and for taking my petition into consideration. I understand the gravity of my proposition and that it will require sizable efforts on my part and the part of others affiliated with Qdoba Mexican Grill Inc. to implement. Nonetheless, I have faith that one day Qdoba will be recognized as better than Chipotle because it actually is.

Thank you again, and feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns at [redacted].


Nicholas Jackson


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