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Link Roundup: Talented Friends Edition


This has been a good couple weeks for people we know putting out excellent work. Here it is:

1. “Anything Good Is a Secret,” a short story by our own Amira Pierce in the Colorado Review.

2. Lauren O’Neal, who also writes for us, wrote a very informative essay for The New Inquiry about the California water problem, which has one of my favorite audacious titles ever: “Thirst Trap.”

3. Dolly Reynolds wrote about the death of her mother and the apparently supernatural experiences she had before and after it in The North American Review.

4. Toni Mirosevich has a new piece in Fourth Genre, and there’s a sample of it available here.

5. Sarah Griffin has a new book coming out from a big fancy book publisher. No one deserves it more and we will fight anyone who says otherwise. With fists, but also whatever’s lying around is fair game.

6. David Cairns has a hilarious, perfect story up on Boing Boing. He premiered it at Give Me Fiction, which is a hilarious, perfect reading series.

7. Thomas Page McBee’s new book Man Alive got a great review in the New York Times!


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