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Our Favorite Posts of 2014


Well guys, it’s all happening…by “it” of course we mean another plane has gone missing and 2014 is almost guaranteed to be the last year in which vanishing planes were still surprising and not a daily occurrence, a sacrifice to our alien overlords, The Eaters of Planes Over Asia. To remember this magical year of innocence, we’ve collected our best posts of the year, as decided by a top secret algorithm involving both favorite on the part of the editors and most popular in terms of page views. Enjoy but please enjoy on Earth. If you’re in the sky, we recommend you stay alert and text us if you feel your plane is starting to vanish.

“Camren Is Real: Teenage Girls’ Quiet Sexual Revolution” By Lauren O’Neal

This post was far and away our absolutely most popular post of the year and probably will be the most popular post of all time, even when this blog is old and gray. People love Fifth Harmony. People love Twitter. People love shipping teen girls.

“10 Celebrities You Could Realistically Date” By Tom Batten

We recommend that everyone get on the Tom Batten train like 20 minutes ago. If you don’t know who he is or haven’t developed deep, romantic feelings for his writing yet, here’s a good place to start.

“Adnan Syed Weighs In On the Issues” By Nate Waggoner with Lizzy Acker

Sometimes our stories are so topical and hilarious, it’s painful even for us.

“All I Want to Do is Play Dungeons and Dragons” By Justin Kahler

Being an adult is really weird. Here is a good exploration of that.

“The Mystical Portal of Premenstrual Sadness and Other Uncomfortable Things We Need to Talk About If We Really Care About Gender Equality” By Lizzy Acker

The title sort of speaks for itself on this one.

“Everyone / Eventually: Seven Circles of Hell in the East Bay” By Nate Waggoner

Yeah, Nate had a shitty two years in the East Bay. But… at least he wrote about it in this awesome seven-part series! Read it dudes!!

Sexual Branding in the Works of Beyonce, Marie Calloway and Sasha Grey” by Amy K. Bell

Because objectification is more complicated than you think.

And then there was the time a hacker pranked us on April Fool’s Day. We’re not so much proud of that as we are the fact that we got through it. As far as we know, the hacker is still at large today.

So, there you have it. The magic and wonder of 2014. See you when the date arbitrarily changes to 2015! Happy New Year!


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