There’s personal forgiveness, societal forgiveness, and legal pardoning.

For personal forgiveness, I have to wonder if the people Wahlberg attacked have forgiven him for it. It’s none of my business; it’s their decision and theirs alone. But I wonder.

For societal forgiveness, if Wahlberg doesn’t deserve it — and I’m not big fan, by the way — then a whole lot of other people don’t deserve it either. If he’s come forward, apologized, and accepted personal responsibility, what else can we ask from him? (I don’t know that he’s done any of those things, by the way.) If that’s insufficient, we should at least agree that we’ve raised the bar for receiving forgiveness to new heights, and then agree on what more needs to be done to receive it.

As for legal pardoning, I’m not a lawyer but I believe a pardon will allow Wahlberg to engage in our country’s voting process and participate in jury duty. My advice to Wahlberg: it’s not worth it.