Drunk on truth to stupid baby power.

Here’s a Found Poem Made from Tim McCarver’s Baseball Commentary


A while ago, I was watching the Giants in the World Series and I wrote down every unintentionally poetic-sounding thing Tim McCarver said. We don’t really publish poetry on here, but since spring training is starting, and since I’m pretty sure most of the contemptible nerds who run literary journals don’t even have the pretentious dilettante’s interest in sports I have, I’m publishing it here.


We have seen more broken bats this post-season

Kindling for the winter.


That driving mist is a mist

Like rain

Wet like rain

But a mist

Which is wet on the field like rain.


It’s the guys who can breathe.

It’s the guys who have moisture in their mouth.

It’s hard.

The water goes down in lumps.


I live in the real world, not fantasy, pal.


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