Drunk on truth to stupid baby power.

Fleetwood Mac Friday #4: This Video


I think we all have a fantasy about how our photoshoot with Annie Leibovitz might go. It’d be hot. We’d be bugged out on weird weed and local honey and kind of losing it because seriously how can you guys not have Caffeine-Free Tab in your fucking minifridge?

We thought Rolling Stone was a legitimate enterprise.

But then we’d remember Stevie Nicks in her Leibovitz cover shoot, busting out in a rough take on the title track for her work-in-progress┬ásecond solo album while being made up, practically unaware of the high end portable video recorder capturing nearly 250 horizontal lines of her effulgence at 29.97 frames per second.

We’d remember how easy she made it look, and we’d take it down a notch and maybe try to appreciate the crabs scuttling over our hands and feet, even if the rough concrete of the emptied swimming pool was taking mean digs at our ass meat and elbows.

Aside: That Rolling Stone cover story is bananas. Reads like Fleetwood Mac fanfic.

Secondary aside: h/t to Alexander Chee for bringing this artifact to my attention.


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