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Invitation to Love Episode 19 – “Splorch”


Alicia Camden and Nate Waggoner used to be boyfriend-girlfriend. Now they’re cohost-cohost.

In this episode of their podcast, they interview Charles Sanchez, creator of Merce, a musical comedy webseries about life and dating with HIV. This one took us a while to get out, so when Sanchez talks about episodes of Merce not being out yet– they are out by now. The Jared from Subway and Ashley Madison jokes are evergreen, though.

Also in this episode: a woman is not attracted to the man she’s dating! Nate’s terrible shoes! Waxing! Vore stuff! Ovipositors!

Here’s the first episode of Merce:

Episode 1: MERCE “Tonight at Eight” from MerceTV on Vimeo.

Here’s the Merce website.

Send in your questions for our next episode here!

Here is a link to download and subscribe to and review the podcast on iTunes.


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