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We Asked Some 1970’s Movie Trailers About the Election

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“Donald Trump went from being a joke to a legitimate Republican frontrunner using a combination of populism and media-friendly outrageousness. But is Cruz’s win in Iowa the first sign of an impending decline for the tycoon? How far is this thing going to go?”

“It’s a new sensation in cinematic experience. A groovy rush. An unspeakable thrill ride. You’ll find shock… horror… lust… and wild excitement! She was the object of every man’s fantasy. He was a ruthless killer. With the two of them together, only one man could stand in their way: the man who would murder for greed– and make love for revenge! See the movie event everyone is talking about. Discover what lies beyond– The Outskirts!

“Bernie Sanders’ campaign has divided Democrats, with some caught up in a wave of support for the avowed socialist candidate, others siding with the centrist Clinton, and still others criticizing Sanders’ movement as being one that potentially excludes women and minorities. What’s really next for the Democratic Party?”

“It’s a head trip! It’s a psychedelic spoof! It’s got more laughs, more sex appeal, and more danger than any movie this year. When Brigitte Bardot takes on The Kremlin, no man is safe! See: a villain so deadly, he’s a danger even to himself! See: the women of the Soviet Union as you’ve never seen them before. See: a gay party so mad you’ll wish you were there… until things… get… explosive! See, see, see– Cici! Rated X.”

“In his last State of the Union address, President Obama spoke of division among Americans, and this election certainly speaks to that– it seems Americans have vastly different convictions about women’s health, immigration, and gun control. Is there hope for a greater unity in the near future?”

“One hundred thousand miles above the air. A nightmare of sheer terror that can only be called… Death-defying! And back on the ground… she beguiled men to suit her every whim. He was a doctor… whose medicine was death! With an entire air traffic control center held captive, and a killer is on the loose, one thing is for sure– sex is in the air! It’s a heart-stopping adventure that moves at breakneck speed. You’ll never forget… Flight 44843279!

“Thank you for your time.”




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