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Fleetwood Mac Friday #11: “Monday Morning”

Five Things You Never Knew About “Monday Morning:”

1. The song was originally written for a local radio contest to see who could write the best song about a person who sure looks fine on Monday morning, but who inspires thoughts of travel by the end of the week. Fleetwood Mac won the contest. Chris McGabe of Eugene, Oregon came second and Paul McCartney came third.

2. Contrary to popular belief, the song was not inspired by the cartoon cat Garfield’s hatred of Mondays. The “Garfield” strip did not premiere until three years after the release of “Fleetwood Mac,” the album on which “Monday Morning” appears.

3. Although the speaker states that he “does not mind” the mercurial ways of the person he’s addressing, he actually does mind.

4. The guitar tone on Lindsey Buckingham’s solo was created by overdubbing a sped-up recording of a crow’s mating calls, then syncing them up with each note of the solo. The acoustic guitar’s unique sound came about when Buckingham decided to use a chunk of solid gold for a pick. The drums are actually bass guitars and the bass guitars are actually dogs.

5. Although Buckingham is typically credited with writing the song, he has repeatedly denied it in interviews, stating that a traveler from the future known only as Chunder handed him a demo and made him swear never to use it, or else the planet would rapidly fall into destitution, environmental catastrophe, and violence over the course of the next fifty years.


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