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Bicoastal Link Roundup, 7/20/15


Are you a New Yorker with California on your mind or vice-versa? You’re in luck, because the common thread of all these links is a fusion of east and west coast sensibilities! It’s also a lot of good stuff to read and listen to no matter where you are.

Here is San Franciscan Dave Eggers writing for The New Yorker about the tragic and gang-filled history of the town of Hollister, California, as well as an awkward time he had getting a haircut!

Here is a New York Times Magazine piece about two Californian dudes whose job it is to drive around people who have just been released from prison and help acclimate them to modern society!

Here is a super-depressing Vice piece about a San Francisco man who relates too strongly to DeNiro’s character in Taxi Driver!

This podcast features New Jersey’s Tom Scharpling and two guys in character as obnoxious Hollywood phonies!


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