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Check Out Dogs on Acid

dogs photo (1)

by Nick Jackson

Dogs on Acid is a band from Philadelphia. Their debut full-length just came out on Jade Tree Records.

Three-fourths of Dogs is from Algernon Cadwallader, and the other ¼ is from Snowing, both awesome shouty/mathy bands. A shouty/mathy music geek, I’ve been anticipating their album since they released a 7” last year with two unexpected, melodic songs.

At first this was going to be like a record review. But I was just thinking. Record reviews used to be a thing because if you wanted to know what new music was like you had to read some random essay about it. It makes me wonder why record reviews are still a thing. Maybe an informed listener’s opinion helps inform our own understanding? I can’t do that, though. All I can add is a thing about how, when your favorite musicians from your 20’s release an album a decade later, the new music becomes like a Rosetta Stone for transposing old emotions (how I feel about this is how I used to feel about that etc.), or something. It’s trippy.

Anyways, listen to the album for yourself! It’s really good.

And this week Peter (vocals/guitar) is on my podcast, i might go to the beach. We talked about Algernon, and starting a new band, and recording on tape, and Twitter, and touring. You can listen on iTunes or on the Internet.

Nicholas Jackson lives in San Diego, California. His podcast, i might go to the beach, comes out every Saturday. It’s mostly long distance phone calls, but there are some produced stories and nature recordings, too.

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