Drunk on truth to stupid baby power.

Words of Wisdom from One of Your Elders


by Sarah Jai Waggoner

I love you, next generation! You are passionate, thoughtful, and kind. I am looking forward to your supporting me in my dotage through your Social Security contributions. Here are a few words of wisdom I have collected over the years:


Never bend down for less than a quarter.

Clean up as you go.

Measure twice, cut once.

Never confront a delusional system.

The nail that stands up gets hammered down.

Never order seafood more than 200 miles from the sea.

When traveling, never take anything you don’t want to lose.

Think happy thoughts.

Be prepared.

Your dreams do not have to come true.

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

Rust never sleeps.

Anger can be power.

Everything that dies someday comes back.

The true leader is invisible.

Dust never sleeps, either.

Things fall apart.

Live it up – but be sure to put down newspapers.

Anything can happen at any time.

Don’t stop thinkin’ about tomorrow.

Sarah Waggoner is a retired art teacher who lives in Berkeley, CA with too many pets and too much time on her hands.


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