Drunk on truth to stupid baby power.

These 10 Classic 30 Rock Moments Are All I Have to Offer


Here’s a classic Liz Lemon line that I simply found through Googling… no creativity required on my end.


Me posting this tells you that I like it.


Sometimes I sit up all night, unable to sleep, thinking about this quote and nothing else, because I’m totally empty inside.


Would I rather I rather be reminded of this hilarious Jenna quote than engage with something new that I don’t already know I’ll like? Uhhh YES!!!!!!


I don’t know why Tracy is being so hard on himself in this one, but I do know that reminding people of funny things from television is the full extent of my sense of humor!


This one includes a reference to Star Wars, which is a thing people like. It’s important to me that people know I like the things they like, so they’ll like me as well.


Can you imagine if there were no 30 Rock quotes, and I was forced to come up with some new reflection on the challenges of honestly connecting with people based in my own experience? Uuuuuuuuuuuuuh NO THANKSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!


I like this one because I’m aware that there’s a comedic juxtaposition in Tracy, who is an “urban” character, enjoying the music of someone as mainstream, whitebread, and painfully sincere as Phil Collins… and then Jack, who is usually this very gruff character not known for being in touch with his emotions responds in this very emotional manner… When jokes as tight as these already exist, coming up with new ones just seems like vanity.


When I was a child I had dreams. Thank God these classic quotes came along and freed me from them.


I guess after posting this I can die, because my life work will be accomplished. Kind of cool.


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