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Fleetwood Mac Friday #17: Hole’s “Gold Dust Woman”


In the golden, halcyon year of 1996, baby boomer nostalgia and gen-X nihilistic bloodlust found harmony in a number of cultural outlets, not the least of which was The Crow: City of Angels. After the tragic death of Bruce Lee’s son, who starred in the original Crow, Miramax released a sequel about a different, tangentially-related dude who also gets turned into a goth by a bird in the name of justice.

The soundtrack features White Zombie doing a cover of “I’m Your Boogie Man,” which if you can imagine what that might sound like, it sounds exactly like that. It’s also got Hole doing “Gold Dust Woman,” which plays in the trailer. The guitars are great and Courtney Love’s voice is perfect for bringing out the implicit indignation in lines like, “Rulers make bad lovers / You better put your kingdom up for sale.” It’s not subtle, but neither is a movie where Iggy Pop rides a motorcycle before getting blown up by a reanimated corpse.

The Crow: City of Angels is also notable for using the same font as the “got milk?” ad campaign.




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