Drunk on truth to stupid baby power.

10 Ways to Justify Staying in Bed All Day to Watch Orange is the New Black Instead of Socializing


  1. There are spoilers hiding in every corner of the internet just waiting to ruin the season for you, the faster you see it the better.
  2. What will you even talk about with your friends if you haven’t seen it?
  3. Lol, just kidding, you don’t have friends, all the more reason to stay in bed.
  4. You’re saving money by not leaving the house and only eating popcorn!
  5. You deserve a break after those four long hours of socializing yesterday.
  6. You have allergies! You’re not sneezing or stuffy or anything but you feel really lazy. That’s a symptom, right?
  7. You can clean your room while watching! And fold your laundry! See? Watching OITNB is productive after all.
  8. It’s too hot to do anything that involves moving.
  9. Everyone else is doing it! And yes, if everyone else jumped off a bridge, you probably would too, what can you say? You’re sort of a pushover.
  10. You just fucking want to.


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