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New York: Go See “Mary Houlihan: Live ‘N’ Good!”

Live N Good Poster

Mary Houlihan is a stand-up, a comedy writer, and a visual artist whose work manages a singular toneĀ that’s somehow subtle, nostalgic, and extremely silly at once. She’s the co-host of the gloriousĀ Cartoon Monsoon, as well as a writer and animator for Saturday Morning(ish) Cartoons on Comedy Central and a writer/performer on The Special Without Brett Davis on public access. She played a Lana Del Rey in the “Lana Del Race for the Cure” segment on Billy on the Street.

The show presupposes that the Houlihan character has written the one-woman show script of the century, consisting of sketches, songs, and character bits, but her attempts at performing the show are interrupted by villains.

“Mary Houlihan: Live ‘N’ Good” is Thursday, September 10th at Union Hall. Doors open at 8 and the show is at 8:30. You can buy tickets to the show here and read her tweets here.


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