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Have You Watched The Wire Mothers? Oh, Man, You Gotta

TheWireMothers - The Special

The Wire Mothers are “off, off, off-Broadway” chorus girls Diane Nowandlater (played by comedian Donna Refugia) and Carol Guddenplente (Briana Kelly). In their new show at the Annoyance Theater in Brooklyn, they will pay tribute to Mel Buttermench, one of the worst composers of all time. “Mel Buttermench: A Memorial Concert” is on Sunday, November 29th and Sunday, December 6th at 7 pm. The duo previously performed it to a sold-out crowd at the Montreal Sketch Festival, and have appeared on The Special Without Brett Davis. As one can expect of Davis’s guests, their comedy is specific, uncomfortable, full of pathos, and human.

Refugia writes and performs on The Special Without Brett Davis on MNN and Prove It All Night on WFMU. She is a contributing writer for Above Average and Reductress. Kelly is a former member of Philadelphia-based sketch comedy groups ManiPedi and Dog Mountain. She has performed in the Ladies are Funny Festival in Austin, TX, the Montreal Sketch Festival, NYC Sketch Fest, Philly Sketch Fest, and the Women in Comedy Festival.

Here is the duo singing about Flavor of Love and Irene from The Real World:

And here they are on Special Without advocating animal testing during a telethon for a brain rot-afflicted Jo Firestone character.

The Annoyance Theater is 367 Bedford Avenue, in Williamsburg. The Wire Mothers are on Twitter at @WireMothers.


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