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Here’s All of Tusk Fiction Week in One Post

Holy moley you guys.

This came together so well. If you read it in this order– from the beginning of the week to the end of the week– it feels like a real literary journal with a structure and recurring imagery and everything– which was not even my original intention! Eat your dang heart out, Granta!

Thanks so much everybody.

RCA_Indian_Head_test_pattern (1)

Mid-Season Replacement by Casey Childers


The Last Temptation of Michael Jackson by Myke Johns


Thunderbolt by Davey Davis


I Want to Live in a Beard by Jessi Carrier


Museum of the People by Ranee Zaporski


Cody the Boy by Kacy Cunningham


How to Cheat Well by Kacy Cunningham


Tourists by Amira Pierce

no napkin

No Napkin by Jason Gersch


The Chickencoop of Terror by Morgen Eljot

My Drawing

Miri and the Manly Metronome by Maggie Tokuda-Hall


The Hamburglar’s Wife by Taylor Pavlik


Atlantans in a Half-Shell by Jason Mallory


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