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New York Comedy Show Roundup


Pasic and Platt.

Prove It All Night: The Comedians of Karaoke!

The WFMU comedy program celebrates its two-year anniversary with live band karaoke performances by Tom Scharpling, Dave Hill, Ana Fabrega, Julio Torres, Brett Davis, Nick Naney, Madonna Refugia and more. 9 o’clock tonight at Monty Hall, 43 Montgomery Street, Jersey City. I know I said New York roundup but Jersey City is charming and super-easy to get to on the PATH train! Also you can listen live on the radio and at wfmu.org.

Pasic and Platt Present: the breakup

Tim Platt is obsessed with puppets, cuckoldry and Joker-loving teens. He and Mo Fry Pasic are both super-witty, dark joke-writers and extremely committed actors. In this show, they break up. It’s tomorrow night at Over The Eight– 594 Union Avenue in Williamsburg– at 8:30.

An Exclusive Presentation of a Life-Changing New App

Marybess Pritchett and other improvisers pitch you, the audience members/ potential investors, an amazing new app, the name of which is determined by audience suggestion. It’s at the Annoyance– 367 Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg– tomorrow night paired with a storytelling show called “Blood Shit Piss Cum,” and on August 7th with a Spotify playlist-based improv performance called “The Annoyance Radio 111.1,” both at 8:30.

Blood Pact

A play about sorority sisters who make a pact to meet during “that time of the month” throughout their lives– billed as “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” meets “Sex and the City” meets “Requiem for a Dream…” It started its run on July 27th and is every Wednesday until its final performance August 17th at The Annoyance.

This Show is a Nightmare

It’s a musical sketch show about nightmares. One of the writers is Ben Korman, who, with The Hard Times, made this punk speed dating video and, with 100 Years, this Bernie Sanders noise band video. It’s part of UCB Maude night, paired with a performance by Mama’s Gotta Go!, which features the amazing Catherine Cohen.

Zach Zimmerman’s “Spell”

It’s a one-man show that involves a great deal of audience interaction and features a series of magic-related characters. August 4th at The Annoyance at 9 pm.


A comedy show based on the greatest novels ever written, with Difficult People‘s Cole Escola, Full Frontal‘s Mitra Jouhari, Reductress and UCB’s Nicole Silverberg and more doing hilarious readings.

Cartoon Monsoon Meets Tony Hawk

My favorite comedy show presents an extremely rad new episode with plenty of goofs, riffs, characters, and ‘toons. August 5th at the Annoyance at 9:30.

Not All Cops Are Bad!

George McAuliffe performs a one-man show in which his character Officer Scott Baker desperately and flailingly tries to improve the image of cops in America. The show won the 2015 Del Close Award for Best Scripted Show, and it’s at Venue #7– 6539 94 St Marks Place– at the New York International Fringe Festival, Saturday, August 13th at 6:15, Monday the 15th at 7, Saturday the 20th at 8:45, Wednesday the 24th at 5:15, and Saturday the 27th at 2.

It’s A Guy Thing

Jouhari, Cohen and Patti Harrison host fellow comedians, including Escola and Anna Drezen, and have them explain “guy stuff” to them. August 20th at 8.

Reductress Presents: Mouth Time

Reductress is a website that sends up both quasi-feminist “for women” publications and life in contemporary America for women in general. On its podcast, Drezen and Nicole Silverberg, in character as hosts Quenn and Div, give bad advice and overshare with a different guest every week. It’s great and this show will also be great, I’m sure. August 21st at 8.



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