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New York: Go See USA_HACK!

usa hack

Daily Show writer Zachary DiLanzo was inspired to write “USA_HACK” “after watching that scene in Swordfish where Hugh Hackman hacks for two straight minutes while drinking wine and shouting, ‘No, no, no! Wait– yes!'”

What started as a seven-minute sketch has mutated into a two-hour play, written with fellow Daily Show writer Sebastian DiNatale.

The play is a pastiche of ’90’s early-Internet thrillers, and features a huge amount of New York comedic talent in its cast: DiNatale and DiLanzo both perform in it, as do Jordan Klepper, Mo Fry Pasic, Ryan Bennett, Betsy Kenney, Brian Fiddyment, Joe Rumrill and Brad Howe.

A new, full-length run of the show begins June 17, Fridays at 8 pm at the Annoyance Theater in Williamsburg.

Here’s a trailer:

Also coming soon to the Annoyance: Dark Down Deep Down Dark, a “Sleep No More”-style performance of the Chilean miners story!



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